Preparing for Flight – Blue Wings Training – a Cadets view.

On Sunday the 1st of April, myself and CFS Stevenson drove to RAF Syerston to try and achieve our Blue Wings.

When we arrived, we were not able to access the base, a friendly Warrant officer (RAFAC) turned up and gave us the code to get into the base. The first thing we did was go through FAM ( this taught us the basics of the aircraft ).

This is a typical lesson for a 12-13 year old cadets. For more information on RAF training programmes for flying, please see here. After that we moved on to the Blue Badge. This is a more in-depth account of how to control the aircraft. After that we separated into two separate groups of three. My group was lead into a room with a simulator in it. We each took in turns to use the simulator, although we weren’t actually flying, this gave us the ability to practice the manoeuvres that we were taught during the theory portion of the training.

The manoeuvres that we practiced gave us a real-life experience, tilting the aircraft left to right (yaw) rolls and we pitched the aircraft up and down. After the simulation, we were allowed into a hanger and look around all the various gliders. Attending the course and completing the simulation, allowed me to gain my Blue Wings and certificate. If a cadet was to ask how it was, I would say it was amazing and that they should go on it. It feels great to be given a certificate and badge and have something to show for my work.

Written by cadet Deanna Wilkinson


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