Cadet Cross Country

On the 18th February 2018, the new cadets took part in their first ever cross country with 504 Squadron.

The new and old cadets came together for the Cross Country event at the Radcliffe College. As new cadets, this was their first opportunity to take part in such a momentous event that many different squadrons attended.

I can’t wait to meet new people who enjoy being part of a team! – Cdt Lwunze

Everyone had to arrive at the squadron at 7:30am. Even though this was quite an early time, everyone was excited and ready to go to the cross country event & try their very hardest in the competitions.

504 Squadron shared a coach with another squadron. Their first taste with other cadets that were not part of 504. Little did they know that in about forty minutes they were going to be overwhelmed with cadets everywhere!

Although it was a long wait, they all managed to fill the tie with talking, eating & some great tunes! Eventually it was time to run. It was 3km for boys and girls under 15 and 5km for men and women over 15. After rough terrain and muddy surfaces, everyone made it back safely covered in sweat, mud and tears but also joy and pride for actually finishing the race!

Cdt Burrows said that although there was mud everywhere, he had a lot of fun finishing the race.

The last part of the day was the final parade so all the cadets grabbed their uniform from the coach and raced to the changing rooms to get dressed. As they arrived they were shocked to see lots of other girls getting changed! However, it was a great opportunity to make friends & talk about life as a cadet.

It’s a great way to meet new people and make new memories that will last – Cdt Juskauskaite

Cdt Lwunze said that it was great seeing the different ways that cadets got changed and someone even showed her an easier way to get her hair in a bun which was extremely helpful!

After getting changed into their Wedgewoods, 504 Squadron fell in with all the other squadrons. For the new cadets who had never seen so many squadrons at once, this was quite overwhelming for them!

I have never seen so many people doing drill at once – it was amazing – Cdt Thompson

After hearing the results for the competition (unfortunately we didn’t win anything) they all fell out and walked back to the coach.

As we were driving back, lots of the cadets were saying what they liked about the day:

Cdt Kay – I enjoyed making new friends and better friendships and I will definitely be coming back next year

Cdt Lambe – I met a guy who recognized my accent which does not normally happen so it was cool talking to him about it.

Cdt Hollingsworth – I enjoyed spending time with the squadron. I got to learn more about them. I really feel like part of the team now.

Cdt Mjojo – said that he loved getting to know the new cadets as he hadnt really had the opportunity to ask how they were doing with everything now they were officially part of the squadron.

Cpl Tanir – It was an exciting event and it was great to see everyone enjoying themselves and compete with all they have.

In other words, the cross country was a big success (even though we didnt win). It gave the new cadet the experience of being with other squadrons.

For the cadets that had been doing cross country for a while (Corporals, Sergeants, Staff Cadets) it was great for them to see the new cadets jumping at the chance to come to these events. It shows that they really want to be part of the squadron and do their best for it.

In conclusion, Cross Country (no matter how muddy and sweaty) it was a great way for everyone to bond together and to try and win. The new cadets got to experience something they had never done before. In addition to this the new cadets got to go out of the Squadron and meet others that do the same thing as them. Not only did the cadets come together, the new cadets also felt like part of the squadron.

Well done all!


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